Monday, January 25, 2010

How to make Thick Spaghetti Sauce

To make a delicious homemade sauce, you need about 6 hours. And a crock pot. I make mine and then freeze it for later use. Once you have your base and flavor, you can add pretty much anything to it.

Main Ingredients:

2 cans crushed tomatoes
2 cans tomato paste
1 whole head of garlic
1 onion
2Tbsp EVOO
1/4 cup of Italian seasonings mixture (Italian seasoning, Basil, and parsley)
1 crushed bay leave
4tsp Sugar
1/3 Cup of red wine

1. Pour crushed tomatoes and tomato paste into crockpot, turn crockpot on low. Tomato paste is THICK. Blend together with spoon and leave alone.

2. Chop onions up and saute in EVOO until halfway cooked. Then add minced garlic. Cook until garlic is browned. Add to sauce and stir

3. Pour in seaonings and crushed bay leaf.

4. Add 1/3 cup of red wine

4. Cook for 3 hours on low, stirring occasionally.

5. Add 4 tsp sugar and cook on low for 3 additional hours.

Now, this is your base, and it's awesome. From here, you can do whatever you want. You can cook up Italian sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms, cheeses.... And add them in during that last 3 hours to cook in as well. It's what ever you want.

This jars or freezes well. Currently, I do not have the jars I want, so I use freezer bags and lay flat in the freezer until I need to use them.

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