Thursday, December 31, 2009

Creamy Noodle Soup for the Sick

There will be only one picture to go with this meal because I am still sick, and am apparently the only person who can cook in this house. So, I cooked my own sick meal. But it's good, and works when you are too sick to cook the chicken to go with it.


1 cup heavy cream/Half and half
10 cups chicken stock/chicken broth (I used frozen chicken stock I had saved in my freezer from previous)
3 cloves garlic
4 Tbsp Flour (overflowing)
16 oz (1lb) Dry Egg Noodles
Pepper to taste

1. Heat stock (or store broth) on medium heat. If using frozen stock, you can melt it out in the pan on medium high heat.

2. Mince garlic and add to broth

3. Heat milk slighty in saucepan and stir in flour, 1Tbsp at a time, until dissolved. Make t runny sauce, add to simmering stock pot.

4. Add noodles, and cook on medium (4 or 5 on traditional knob stoves) for 18-20, or until noodles are done. (taste to test if needed)

5. Add pepper for taste if needed.

Simple and yummy for those days when you feel like crawling out of bed is the best thing you can do all day.



  1. That looks really good!!! I think I'm going to make it Sunday, but I'll have to use skim milk and whole wheat pasta, and maybe throw some chicken breast in it?

  2. Make your changes then! ;-) I usually boil a chicken to make stock, and then shred the chicken to make it chicken noodle. I just didn't have the energy. Maybe next week?

    This is the way my mother made it. I can't stand plain broth, and making it creamy makes it so much yummier.

    You can also add veggies if you want. Usually, the ones you use when making the stock do fine. I just hate cooked veggies.

  3. I'd feel way too guilty if I ate your decadent recipe.

  4. :-) I don't want you losing that fantastic body you have worked so hard for!

    I wish we could use skim milk here, but we compromise on 2%. Food Lion and Walmart both have purple caps, but Food Lions is 1%, so I trick Matt sometimes.


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